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Thankful Linky {Day 2}

I'm linking up with Blog Hoppin!  Today on this first day, I'm thankful for my cozy home!

I've lived in my house for 15 years now.  It is cozy :)  That is realtor speak for "tiny!"  That's okay.  My husband has asked me many times if I want to move to a bigger house and I always say the same thing, "no way...I'd just have more to clean!"  :)

I work with a number of students that are homeless and my daughter and I have volunteered at the homeless shelter which makes me even more grateful to have a roof over our head.  In the winter we stay warm, and in the summer we are cool.  I know this is so much more than many people have.  We also have traveled quite a bit, and in other countries, my house would be considered a mansion!

I love this quote :) It is ultra true for me!

Thankful Linky

I'm linking up with Blog Hoppin!  Today on this first day, I'm thankful for my Terrific Family!

I'm thankful for my terrific family!  I have the most patient and kind husband in the world!  He is a great dad and my best friend :)  My children are simply amazing.  I'm not sure where they came from, because they have every talent that I wish I had!!! They are musical, athletic, and love to share their talents with others.

My extended family is also terrific!  I look forward to spending both Thanksgiving and Christmas with them!

Can't Live Without It Linky Party

The purpose of this linky by Fun in Room 4B is to help make everyone's lives a little easier!  I first must say, that I cannot live without my family and my friends.  I feel so blessed to have a great group of family and friends that love me :)  They make my life easy AND fun!!!!

1) My Erin Condren Planner has been a great way for me to keep everything organized.  It keeps my home and school calendars, blogging ideas, menus/grocery lists, and fitness goals/workout history all in one place!

2)  An organized place to keep backpacks/school stuff...for us this is the laundry room which leads out to the garage.  I have baskets for hats/mittens/gloves.  My children have hooks to hang their backpacks.  Their shoes are kept in this room.   Every morning when it is time to go to school, everything we need is in this room.  We grab our bags and walk out the door.  We used to even have a checklist to make sure nothing was forgotten, but now that we have our routine down, I was able to put it away.  

Gobble, Gobble! Thanksgiving Freebie!

I have a group of students that are still struggling reading CVC words.  Any extra practice they can do is great!  We've been using this game as a quick warm-up before guided reading.

I also have them use each word in a complete sentence!  They can keep the Gobble, Gobble cards and they like to play to see who has the most.  There are different ways you can play this game, and they are included in this freebie!

Currently - November

I had a great Halloween with my family!  I cannot believe it is already November.  It seems like November is going to go by VERY quickly...then it is December.  

November is CRAZY, BUSY at my house.  Both my children play basketball and we have games on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday!!  My planner sticks to me like glue, so I don't ever forget anything!

I'm hoping to get a good three mile run in today.  The last two weeks have been kind of "blah" for me in terms of exercise!  I always feel better when I get a really good run in :)

I love the month of November!  I have so much to be thankful for!  I hope everyone has a fun, relaxing, stress-free, and time to enjoy your blessings November!

Easy Workstations for Halloween!

I was making some of these this week...some for alphabet matching and matching eyeballs to pictures.  I also made some addition ones and word families for short /a/.  I found these at Target, but they weren't at the Dollar Spot...they were in the back with the Halloween candy.

My son saw me working on these and decided that he could use them to decorate :)  You'll see what he wrote on the the window leading up to our front door :)

Peek at My Week! Short Week

Since it is a short week, my lessons are designed for small groups focused on specific skills: Inferencing and Main Ideas.

I cannot say enough about the Main Idea set from The Brown Bag Teacher.  It has also been helping students with their writing.  Their paragraphs are much more focused and organized!!!

 Don't forget to check out other great lesson plans at Mrs. Wills Kindergarten!