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Currently February

I love February!  It is my daughter's birthday, Valentine's Day, President's Day....then it is March and Spring Break!!!!
It is finally snowing!!! My children have been waiting since November to get snow!! 
I'm going to run my first 10K in April, and since it has been super cold this winter (but no snow), I run on the treadmill.  I love watching my favorite tv shows and running!  If anyone has any suggestions for totally engrossing television, let me know :)
I'm one of the helpers at my son's school to cut Box Tops.  Oh.Dear.Goodness.  I've had to filter out about 100 expired Box Tops and another 100 Campbells Soup Labels.  Now I'm counting them in putting them in baggies of 50.  Here's the deal:  I'm almost 40 and I can't see the expiration date on the tiny Box Tops.  My son has been helping me and he loves it :) 
I totally don't need anything!!! I'm happy, content, and once those Box Tops are cut, I'll be totally lazy :)
I read ALL THE TIME!!!  I just finished We Were Liars and am now reading The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry.

10 Minute RTI Lesson - Phonics Focus

This was one of the posts I started FOREVER AGO, but life got too busy!!!

I have been having 10 min groups (I see 3 groups in 30 minutes).  When students come to me we work on both phonemic awareness and some phonics.  I try and pack as much into the lessons as possible.  I base my lessons on the "letter and sound work" in Next Step in Guided Reading.

Learning Targets:
1)  I can identify the beginning sound of a word.
2)  I can identify the ending sound of a word.
3)  I can write the letter that corresponds to a beginning sound.
4)  I can make word families.

Students use the alphabet line that hangs in the room for support.  They also have their own Kindergarten Helper by Michelle Oaks.  This is probably my favorite TPT purchase.  Each student has their own personal anchor chart!

To practice beginning sounds I show picture cards and we do a round robin.  Students collect the cards they answer correctly.  Then they get a dry erase board, and write the beginning sound.

To practice the ending sound repeat the same process.

Then we get out the white boards and we play "show down."  As I show a picture card, students write the letter.  Students hide their answers until everyone is done, and then I point to a student to say "Show Down." Then all students share their board with the group.

When we are practicing CVC words.  Students get picture cards and start making a list of the words.
Then they pick their favorite word (and they get another dry erase board) and make a list of words with that word family.

I went through 6 years of data at our building, and this year our kindergartners had the best data (and this was a challenging group of students).

January 2015 Currently

I'm totally loving have 16 days off for winter break.  I actually do not return until Jan 6th!  Last year we got 1 full week off and then went back on Jan 2nd...not a good deal!!!!  I can't believe tomorrow is Jan 1, 2015!  Time flies when you are having fun!

We took three road trips and even got to go to a Bowl Game!! My children are amazing travelers and they are great sports!

I haven't thought about school, so I need to get organized for school...but it can wait a few more days!

I couldn't fit all my YES, MAYBE, and I WISH in the box.
YES: Taking time to enjoy things!  Sometimes I rush through things and I don't stop and smell the roses.  I need to smell more roses.
MAYBE: I can beat my best ever 5k time (which occurred 4 years ago)!
I WISH:  I do home visits sometimes, and I know that not all the students at my school have a happy life like my children have.  I wish all children could have happy homes where they are loved and they get to be a kid and not have grown-up worries!

Literacy Work Station Management Idea

The day before Christmas Break, I was at a Professional Development where they talked about ways to help with classroom management.  I loved this idea!!!

You assign one or two students to be a Work Station Manager.  While you are at Guided Reading, if the light is on (see picture below), then students ask the Work Station Manager for assistance.  This means you get more time to teach and less interruptions (hopefully)!!!

 Some tasks for the Work Station Manager Include:

  • Computer Issues (logging in, etc)
  • Help with Directions at a Work Station
  • Finding Materials if someone needed something

I found the lanyards and the press light at the Dollar Store!

You can get a copy (FREE) of the Work Station Manager Badges here!

If you have other ideas to help with classroom management during literacy work stations please leave a comment :)

Literacy Leveler App

If you are looking to level your classroom library in 2015, Literacy Leveler has been a helpful app for me!!  It costs money (I paid $2.99 a while ago, and now the price is $3.99), while Scholastic has an app that is free.  It provides both Lexile and Founts and Pinnell Levels.  Using it for book baskets during guided reading has been very helpful!

14 in 2014!

What a fun linky!!! I loved 2014!
 Blessed.  There is no other way to describe 2014.  
Find "cool" new things to do locally!  In May 2014, I signed my children and I up through the public library for a wagon ride to see herds of buffalo. Little did I know, they were just a few miles from my house!!!!  

 There is no way I can just have one favorite memory.  We went to the Caribbean for spring break, and then my parents took our entire family on a Disney Cruise in June!!!  I also went to Las Vegas with friends (notice the limo trunk on the way back to the airport)!  The weekend before school started we took a road trip to Colorado!  Here are some pictures :)

 This one is tough..because all my traveling pictures are my favorite and any picture with my children in it are also a favorite!!!  However, one morning in September, this was my view on my to work!! I love sunrises like this!!!!
I finished my Doctorate in Educational Leadership!!!

My favorite blog post was my one about the penny folders to use at guided reading!!!

This pin is so not school related....I got lots of compliments when I used it this holiday season for gifts!!!

 I think the graduation gifts my family gave me were my favorite! Plus having so many people travel from so far away to be at my graduation was priceless!!!!!  In addition, they streamed the graduation live, so my aunt in New York and my sister-in-law in Texas were able to watch.  When I checked Facebook that night, there were all the screen shots they had taken from the live feed and posted them on my Facebook Page :)
 On our trip to Colorado, we went to St. Mary's Glacier.  I always wanted to go on a glacier, and it was SO much fun!!! It was like we were on top of the world!!!
Beau Jo's in Idaho Springs, Colorado.  Lots of gluten-free choices!  Fun atmosphere and GREAT food! 
Amazing Race!  Someday I'd love to be on this!!!
 I had three...Million Dollar Arm, Malificient, and Lone Survivor!  The first two are great for families...the third one is not!
 I like accessories...especially scarfs.  

What a great linky :)  Be sure to check out the linky party!


Christmas Conversation Linky

What a fun linky!!! I love Christmas.  We are celebrating Christmas this weekend with my family.  Then on Christmas day we are driving 4.5 hours to celebrate Christmas with my in-laws.

I love Josh Groban's Christmas music.  Then I just download Darius Rucker's Christmas music :)  Pretty much I like anything Christmas :)

The peppermint milkshakes are just crushed candy canes, chocolate chip ice-cream, and milk- all blended!!!  :)  YUMMY!!!