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Five For Friday: Halloween with Food Allergies

This is a great resource :)  My son has peanut allergies and my daughter has celiac.  My son is a real hoot to trick or treat with!!!  "Trick or treat!  I have a peanut allergy, do you have candy for kids with peanut allergies?"  He says this at EVERY.SINGLE.HOUSE!  My husband and I are in the background yelling, "just say trick-or-treat!!"  I love this teal pumpkin idea :)

My children give all their candy to our dentist.  He donates it to soldiers over seas.  Then I take my children to the grocery store and they pick out some candy that they like and I don't have to worry that a wrapper may have accidently opened up and Resse's Peanut Butter Cup got on something!!!

I'm having a blast watching this season's Amazing Race!  It is on Friday night, but we DVR it and watch it on Sunday's (just like last year)!

I love these reading strategy posters from Mrs. Ricca's Kindergarten!

I talked about these a few weeks ago, but these have been a hit!!!  I'm super happy with the data from kindergarten :)  Plus the students LOVE these anchor charts from Cara Caroll!  I printed them two on a page and they are PERFECT for small groups! 

I am so happy it is the weekend! 

Peek at My Week: The Drinking Gourd

We focused on inferencing (informational) and main ideas/details (literature) last week.  Inferencing was REALLY difficult. 

We are also going to continue making predictions, inferencing, and asking and answering questions with the book, The Drinking Gourde.   I made up a little packet for students to use.  Each chapter has a section for students to work on that are focused around our three main learning targets this week.   I've never tried this before...We shall see how it works!!  This way my students can work at their own pace, but still practice the skills they need the most help with, and they can conference with me :) 

A great resource I found to introduce the book is a website about the underground railroad...including the song, "Follow the Drinking Gourd."

This week as exit slips, we will use some more of the inferencing cards we used last week!

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Peek at My Week: Short Week

We ended up starting to do a "mini" research project last week.  We are going to finish it up on Monday and Thursday.  Since we are having a short week, we are going to review main idea/details and practice inferencing!  I'm excited to use resources from the Brown Bag Teacher and Rachel Lynette this week.  We are also using my Online Reading and Research Pack.

 Don't forget to check out other great lesson plans at Mrs. Wills Kindergarten!

Progress Monitoring Survey Results

How often:
Weekly  40%
Twice a Month 30%
Monthly 15%
Other 5%

CBM (please comment if you are using it and a website so I can investigate it more).

What I need:
An AWSOME way to monitor comprehension in grades 3-5.  We have Dibels available to us.  We also use running records.  I feel like there needs to be a better retell component to Dibels. 

I'd love for you to leave a comment if you've got an awesome solution to my 3rd-5th problem :)

Currently October

I'm loving this fall weather.  I was wearing sandals on Monday, and today BOOTS!!!!
The only negative I can find about it getting cooler, is that it gets dark earlier!  I used to be able to run after 8:30 pm....now it is getting dark by 7:30! 
My treat is that my new Preschool Bundle will be half off during the month of October :)  These are just a few of the items included!!!

Tricks and Treat Blog Hop

I'm excited to be sharing some Tricks and Treats on this awesome Blog Hop! 
My tricks and treats are all technology related!

I like having students login cards on a laminated 3x5 index card.  On the front I put their student id, login and password. Then the back has their logins for various programs (EM Math, etc).

You can download this for FREE!
Students practice reading and writing simple sentences with CVC words when they use a QR Reader!  It is a great little work station to help practice both reading and writing!


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Peek at My Week: Sept 29

We are really working on monitoring comprehension with non-fiction texts.  The big question I will ask all week (about a million times) is:  Did that make sense?  If it doesn't we will work on fix-up strategies from our Reading Tool Kit.

We are using the STP (STOP, THINK, PARAPHRASE) strategy from Next Step in Guided Reading by Jan Richardson.

The book we are using has three chapters, which works out perfectly!  Before we begin reading this week, we are doing a Text Feature review.  I'm using Hunting For Text Features from Katie Orr.

Below are two anchor charts we will also be using. 

I love linking up with Mrs. Wills Peek at My Week